The Planet Coaster Revealed Its First Console Video Gameplay [VIDEO]

The Frontier video game Planet Coaster has shown the first images of its arrival on new generation consoles.

A few days ago the news of the arrival of Planet Coaster, the fun title of Frontier, jumped to new generation consoles. The amusement park simulation video game is considered one of the best of its kind and its developer has only increased its numbers thanks to its success.


Now we can confirm the launch on PS5 and Xbox Series X, in addition to sharing the first gameplay of the version. Planet Coaster will launch in late 2020 also on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in a “Console Edition” that will offer players the opportunity to enjoy the construction, management and design of the amusement park of their dreams.




The ability to share creations with the community will be maintained. The video game has placed a lot of emphasis on the community on Steam via the Workshop, and in both console versions there will also be the option of sharing the creations with players from all over the world. Its launch will be made jointly and with improvements, although they have not yet been detailed, it has not been confirmed whether those that are made with Console Edition for the current generation will be able to update for free to a higher version.



For the moment, success continues to accompany Frontier, who has successfully emerged from the coronavirus crisis and is still on the rise thanks to its other title: Planet Zoo, with several updates, free content and a flurry of improvements that have been implemented since its departure in 2019.

Source: 3DJuegos

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