Game Pass: Is Microsoft Planning A Strategic Change?

The Redmond-based company sneakily dropped the Xbox name from the Game Pass branding. What is Microsoft preparing?

Thurrott reported about how the Xbox Game Pass account on Twitter said it’s „trying out a new look.” It’s not random: Xbox Game Pass on PC has responded  with the word „same,” while also going through the change. Their Twitter handles still have the name Xbox in it, so you can find the accounts of the subscription service at @XboxGamePass and @XboxGamePassPC.

It doesn’t look out of place – in July, Microsoft has suspended the possibility of buying either a 12 or a 24-month Xbox Live Gold subscription. which could likely hint at multiplayer becoming free, meaning Xbox Live Gold would be rendered unnecessary, and this would put a lot of pressure on Sony and its PlayStation Plus.

Meanwhile, Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox responded to what he said in June 2019. Last year, he said that Microsoft is committed to PC this time, and recently, he responded to it by the following: „I wanted to thank the community for the support on PC. We made statements like this a few times over the years and the sceptical responses were earned. More work to do but the support we are seeing through [the] Game Pass and Steam team right now is really great, thanks.”

And this here is Craig the Brute, who quickly became a meme on the Internet. Halo Infinite’s gameplay video had him, and the game didn’t look that good, making 343 Industries admit that they have a lot to do with the graphics. Spencer has responded as well: „[Craig is] our new official Xbox mascot. [I] love the community and their ability to just take something fun and run with it.” He won’t be as memorable as Mario is for Nintendo, though. Still, it’s advertising the Xbox Series X.

So Xbox has a lot of happenings. When will its August stream happen?

Source: Gamesindustry, VG247, VG247

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