Immersion: PS5 DualSense – The Next Level Will Be Haptics

According to the director of Immersion, Sony is focusing on haptic control on the PS5 DualSense because the DS4 has already achieved everything on the audio-visual front.


The CEO of Immersion (who was responsible for the haptic control of the Sony PS5 DualSense) talked about Sony’s new generation of tactile-focused control.

Many people have written and said a lot about DualSense coming to Sony’s next-gen machine. All indications are that the knowledge in the depths of the new technology controller will provide even greater immersion in games than before. Ramzi Haidamus, CEO of Immersion, talked to investors and talked about the DualSense controller, and now said that Sony had gone in that direction with its new controllers because the PS4 had already achieved everything in audio visuals it could – a level, which is difficult to increase significantly.

” We believe that Sony has done a wonderful job delivering an amazing surround sound experience over the years”, the CEO said. “That experience is pretty much maximized. In other words, it’s kind of hard to increase it by a significant amount. And the same thing with video, the incredible graphics on the PS4 will be improved with the PS5. But we’re getting to that point where it is quite an outstanding experience. And therefore, the question is where do you go next, which is why we believe Sony and other gaming consoles are starting to focus on haptics. It’s kind of the third experience to get you more immersed in that game.”

Ramzi also added that this experience has not been so focused so far. Sony, on the other hand, now wants to significantly enhance what it can provide to its players.

„And more importantly, it is an experience that has been substandard so far. I mean we all know what haptics has been so far. It’s just a vibrating device. What Sony has done is increase that experience so much that the immersiveness of the haptic controller gets you an extra feel of being immersed in the content of the game based on technology and IP. So just as was quoted by one of the game developers, they believe this is the first time where you can actually feel the kind of surfaces that you are touching, not just a vibration, but you can actually get a different feeling, whether you’re hitting a weapon or hitting a different kind of surface.”

So according to the CEO, this is a novelty, this is the experience that DualSense will be able to provide, hence the new norm.

“It’s going to be a whole new thing, and it’s just that haptic perception makes it special.” He told his investors. “And we’re excited about it, not just because Sony is finally doing it, but because we think this kind of management will be the norm, the standard in the future.”


What do you think about this? Is Sony really preparing for a paradigm shift in console history?

Source: WCCFTech

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