The Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster May Come In October!

Rumor has it that the release date of the Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster is likely to be announced as early as next month.


The net is full of rumors about the remaster of the first three games that have been circulating around the net for a long time. We have already written on the subject several times. So far, we’ve been anticipating the games for the fall, but no specifics have been confirmed. The publisher EA also referred to the release of an unannounced remaster next year, namely in a quarterly earnings report.

EA seems to be changing its attitude towards remasters: “We Are Absolutely Actively Looking At It”

As it currently looks, the fall release can still be expected, as the huge Mass Effect fan and trusted insider ‘Shinobi’ vented on the ResetEra forum, referring to an October release in his reaction to a post did by a user named Liana Ruppert.



Ruppert posted on Twitter a few days ago, claiming that next month will be very good because of “announcement of a certain game”.

Shinobi responded to this with a Milky Way emoticon, alluding to our galaxy, the main setting of the Mass Effect trilogy.

EA and Bioware have not yet confirmed the existence of the remaster. For this reason, it is advisable to handle the above carefully.

The original Mass Effect games were released between 2007 and 2012, first for Xbox 360 and then for PC and PlayStation 3. The first Mass Effect was released by Microsoft and was Xbox 360 exclusive for a while. However, Mass Effect 3 could already be played on the Nintendo Wii U too.

Source: WCCFTech

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