Epic Games Launches A Revolution: It Opposes Apple! [VIDEO]

Let’s face the oppression! Announces Epic Games at Fortnite – Attention, a brutal Apple parody is coming!


The battle royale game from Epic Games has been removed from the App Store and Google Play, as we wrote about it. In short, the company wanted to avoid paying commissions to the two platforms.

The last few hours is worthy of a movie. Epic Games managed to avoid paying commissions to Apple and Google for the sale of V-Bucks in Fortnite, and they did not take long to respond by eliminating this popular battle royale from their stores. But if all this weren’t enough, Fortnite has released a video in which it “defies Apple’s monopoly” by emulating an old ad from the Macintosh fathers, which was directed by Ridley Scott himself in 1984:



Precisely, the video is an allusion to the masterful book 1984 by George Orwell, with Big Brother here represented as a talking apple, a bite -and worm- included, brainwashing an alienated public. With no subtlety, this Fortnite video that can even be seen within the game itself, concludes with a message that directly attacks the “monopoly of the App Store.”

This, of course, is a parody of Apple’s commercial with which the company intended to confront IBM’s monopoly position that year. It’s funny that Apple has now got this video back in its face, isn’t it?

“In retaliation, Apple is blocking Fortnite on one billion devices. Join this fight to prevent the year 2020 from becoming ‘1984’,” they warn in the video with the legendary words of Steve Jobs, accompanied by the hashtag #FreeFortnite. This situation has led Epic Games to take legal action against Apple, but it is that shortly after this situation was confirmed, it was Google that removed Fortnite from Google Play.

If things go at that pace, we’ll get some more news very soon! In the meantime, watch the original, unrepeatable Ridley Scott ad:



Source: 3DJuegos

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