Microsoft Flight Simulator: Expect A High Quality On Xbox One As Well

The head of the game’s development team said that the Microsoft Flight Simulator on Xbox One will be at least as impressive as it is on PC.


We still don’t know when Flight Simulator will be coming to Xbox One.

There is no doubt that Microsoft Flight Simulator has been one of the most important games of the summer. So much so that it has become Xbox Game Pass‘s biggest hit on PC, with over a million downloads. It is the first step before taking off completely, since the flight simulator is scheduled to also arrive on Xbox One, and those responsible have revealed more details about it.

In an interview with the GamingBolt portal, Jorg Neumann, head of the game, wanted to reassure Xbox One users. First, to confirm that the project is going ahead despite the fact that there is still no launch date, and also because he states that on the team are “confident that it will be a version as amazing as the PC .”

Its creators do not release a promise of when Flight Simulator will arrive on Xbox One.

Taking into account that it is a very precise simulator, Neumann talks about how the Flight Simulator experience will be with a controller. The creative assures that the intention of the study is to “provide a great experience with any control that the player enjoys, either with a controller or with keyboard and mouse.”

Source: 3DJuegos

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