Will There Be Supply Issues For The PlayStation 5? [VIDEO]

It could be a problem: Sony is reportedly set a lower production target for the PlayStation 5 than before.

Bloomberg reports (in both English and Japanese) that Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) cut its estimated PlayStation 5 production volume by March 2021. However, the issue is that they cut it by FOUR million units to eleven! (And that’s about a 30% cut…) The reason behind it is not the lack of interest about the console but the unstable production yield of the console’s custom-designed system-on-a-chip, according to Bloomberg’s sources familiar with the matter. It means that there’s a lack of components, resulting in a lack of unity.

In July, based on Nikkei and Bloomberg, we wrote how SIE wanted to increase the production in response to the increased interest due to the coronavirus, which is why they wanted to have 10 million PlayStation 5 units built by the end of the year. However, the system-on-a-chip manufacturing is causing the issues, and the yield of it is improving, but it’s still not on a stable level. This is why Sony has to decrease the stock of the PlayStation 5…

SIE also produced a new commercial called The Edge. Eric Lempel, SIE’s global head of marketing, told Variety that the purpose of this ad was to „evoke some of the feelings you would get from PlayStation 5.” „It’s really just talking about who we are as a brand and exciting and thrilling our fans. We want to excite and thrill you. We want to show them a path to the mysterious unknown… what you’re seeing is them coming to the edge and then going beyond. And really, that’s what we’re trying to signal here. It’s not about the features. It’s a brand spot,” he said, adding that while there were no video games in commercials until now, they will start to use them in the marketing shortly.

„Sony is using air freight to ensure that [the PlayStation 5 can meet demand/supply enough units. The company has booked 60 flights from October (Delta 747) to ship consoles to retailers. This supply is expected to last through the quarter. Airfreight is faster than sea but more expensive. Just to clarify one point. I’m not 100% certain if this is 60 flights or 60 aircraft. But it does sound like each flight will be full.  Source for this is Delta Air Cargo head, Jerry Tai,” Daniel Ahmad, senior analyst at Niko Partners, wrote on Twitter. This information is for the United States’ supply, though.

According to Masahiro Wakasugi, an analyst at Bloomberg Intelligence, the PlayStation 5 Standard Edition will cost as low as 449 dollars, while the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition might be available for 399. 449 bucks? That’s less than the 499 euros we saw the other day…

Source: Gematsu, Gematsu, JVL

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