It’s Official: God Of War: Ragnarok Is Coming [VIDEO]

Sony Interactive Entertainment Santa Monica has confirmed that we have considered as an open rumour for several months: the adventures of Kratos and his son Atreus will continue at least three years after their 2018 start.

During yesterday’s PlayStation broadcast, several announcements were made, including the new God of War game, called God of War: Ragnarok. Let’s quickly dive into what this word even means. So Kratos has been fighting in the Norse mythology in the previous game (and before that, he was involved in Greek mythology, as he was a Spartan warrior after all…), so we should look around in this subject. Or not, as we’ll explain it: Ragnarok is effectively the last battle on the world, fought between the gods (led by Odin) and the giants (involving Loki). There are no winners in this battle: the world will end, meaning this is the final battle in existence.

Several events need to happen to trigger it. First, the three children of Loki and Angrboda (Jörmungandr, Fenrir and Hel) have to be born and the gods will have to try to lock them up. Then, Baldr has to die, and Loki has to be tied up. Finally, The Great Winter (Fimbulvetr) has to arrive. We have seen Jörmungandr (the giant serpent), and we did defeat Baldr/Baldur in the first game. Then, there’s the snowy area in our home when we return and get interrupted by a certain character. That already hinted that the sequel is going to pick up a darker tone.

Sony Interactive Entertainment Santa Monica’s game is going to launch sometime next year on PlayStation 5. We wouldn’t rule out a possible delay to 2022. And we’re curious to see if Kratos stops calling Atreus just as „boy” or not.

Source: Gematsu

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