Star Citizen And Squadron 42 Celebrate 8th Anniversary [VIDEO]

Neither game has been released, but they are both under development.

Cloud Imperium Games (CIG for short) is the dev team behind Star Citizen, as well as its single-player spin-off, Squadron 42, and they released a new video – this is the first in the series called The Briefing Room, and it will launch quarterly until Squadron 42 is out. Aside from it, there’s also a letter from Chris Roberts, the founder of CIG, in which he talks about the 8th anniversary of the games’ development. The video itself is over an hour long, and it also talks about the development ideas behind the game – for example, we can see the interior of a space station, and there are some thoughts shared behind how the game is being developed. A lengthy segment is about the dynamic triggers for story events and our movement – for instance, if you don’t listen to an NPC, they will stop sharing their story with you.

The letter has Roberts often comparing CIG‘s efforts to the Moonshot speech by John F. Kennedy, saying that CIE isn’t working on Star Citizen because it’s easy but because it’s hard. Incidentally, a little over eight years have gone by from Kennedy’s speech until the moon landing happened. (However, the Apollo Program had a far bigger budget than what CIG has.)

He cites as development milestones a large number of technological hurdles developed by CIG team, but there are few more to get across (such as dynamic server meshing to support thousands of players in the same world instance) – „This is when Star Citizen becomes a true Massively Multiplayer Game,” Roberts said. He hopes that we can experience its first iteration in 2021.

He also had an Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) on Reddit, and here, he said: „We haven’t been happy with how effectively we’ve been showing progress on Squadron 42, as we felt the previous format didn’t do a good job of all in communicating just how much work is going on.” This was in response to a few disappointed backers saying that hadn’t been significantly updated on the progress ever since Squadron 42 abandoned the roadmap it had.

It still doesn’t change the fact that Star Citizen and Squadron 42 both follow the when it’s done formula, meaning we might still have to wait a few years to see them launch.

Source: PCGamer

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