Monster Hunter Movie Director Explains Why The Main Character Is A Human From Our World

MOVIE NEWS – Anderson wants to reflect the same feeling as when we first played Monster Hunter.

Followers of the Monster Hunter saga have an appointment with a new adaptation of the universe to other forms of entertainment. The Monster Hunter movie will hit theatres at the end of December and little by little we are learning more information about it after Sony Pictures showed the first teaser. Now, its director Paul W.S. Anderson has given some more details about her.

Within the framework of the New York Comic-Con, and as reported by IGN, Anderson explained the decision to establish as the protagonist a human from our world and not a native of the Monster Hunter world. The director wants the viewer to feel similar to the first time you play video games. In the beginning, getting there is complicated and any monster would kill us.

“I wanted to regain the same feeling as when I first played the video game. I came to the game not knowing anything about it. And, like a stranger, I was immersed in that world that contains those spectacular landscapes and those amazing creatures that would kick my ass. I thought. : ‘I want that. That should be the experience of going to the movies too,’ “Anderson explained.

Therefore, the director wanted the protagonist to be a human, so that she felt out of place. Milla Jovovich plays Captain Natalie Artemis in the film, a woman with incredible fighting skills in our world, but who knows nothing in the Monster Hunter universe, where not even traditional firearms are used to fight monsters.

Anderson defended that this decision is good for the staunch followers of the saga and for those who do not know it: “The good thing for the game players is that it recreates their first experience in Monster Hunter, but also the good thing is that it does not exclude anyone because if you don’t know anything about the game, she [Artemis] is the character that says, ‘My God, what are these creatures? What is this world? How does it work?’

At a certain point in the movie, Artemis meets Hunter Tony Jaa and Admiral from Ron Perlman, characters from Monster Hunter World. They will teach you how to fight the beasts and they will do it together, cooperating. According to Anderson, this is the foundation of Monster Hunter, as players must team up with others to emerge victorious from battles.

This last point is a good message, especially for the current moment in society, according to the director: “We live in a divided world where people are closing their borders and closing their minds. […] Having a movie that [. ..] tells you that people of different cultures, of different origins, need to cooperate for a greater good is a good message for our times “. The next main game in the series, Monster Hunter Rise, will arrive exclusively for Nintendo Switch on March 21, 2021.

Source: IGN

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