PlayStation 5: An Unbelievable Forecast By A Japanese Analyst

It’s not your typical prediction that you can read by Rakuten Securities Economic Research Insititute’s analyst…

The Japanese forecast can be found here, and last month, Norio Imanaka already said that the PlayStation 5 might reach 200 million sales in its lifetime, which would dethrone the current absolute record holder, the PlayStation 2. Let’s just say that Imanaka is extremely optimist because of a possible influx from eSports players and fans alike. He writes that just like NBA fans want shoes from Nike, eSports fans will want the PlayStation 5, which is why Sony‘s new console can hit 200-300 million sales in 5-6 years.

„eSports demands hardware that is fast and capable of advanced video processing, not only for professional gamers but also for amateur athletes and spectator fans. The high-spec, low-priced PlayStation 5 is for today’s games. There is a possibility that it can become an international standard machine for e-sports instead of a personal computer,” Imanaka wrote. If you thought that was already ridiculous, wait until you read this:

„The data suggest that the number of PlayStation 5s could reach the order of 600 million or 700 million in the future, four or five times the number of PlayStation 2s, which was the highest number ever for home video game consoles If the number of transfers from PlayStation 4, which is backwards compatible, is about 120 million, and if more than 100 million e-sports competition population and 400 million spectator population are added, the PlayStation 5 will be over 600 million in total. It can be a market of more than 100 million units,” Imanaka wrote.

Even Takashi Mochizuki, Bloomberg’s reporter was dumbfounded at the following quote: „The PlayStation 5 is headed to a different dimension; so different from Switch, Xbox, or even the PlayStation 4. The PS5 could be a terminator of the game industry, ending the long-running console war. The PlayStation 5 will be a whole new symbolic tower for Sony Group.”

Source: WCCFTech

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