PlayStation 5: No In-Store Sales, 1440p Support?

Due to the coronavirus global pandemic, the PlayStation 5 may only be available for sale online. (If it even gets a few more in stock.)

The PlayStation 5’s demand will be discussed later today, and until then, we need to mention a Norwegian website’s,‘s publication. Sony is pressuring retailers to not stock or sell any PlayStation 5s in store this year. Any additional units would have to be sold online to be delivered to home or to have an in-store pickup for them.

The reason behind is that Sony doesn’t want to participate in spreading COVID-19, and the site says that Sony’s clear stance means the retailers could be punished with less stock and fewer PlayStation 5s in the future if they sell the consoles physically. It might be a European-wide directive, and it’s confirmed that Best Buy will use this approach in Canada.

BenQ‘s website had a blurb that ResetEra archived. Let’s see it: „While there’s a lot of talk of 120Hz concerning the new consoles and late 2020 graphics cards, let’s be realistic. Most of it doesn’t apply to 4K, but more to 1080p or 1440p. It’ll be another generation before 120 frames per second in 4K are normative for the majority of games.

We expect the PlayStation 5 (and by extension, most PC titles) to deliver firm 4K 60Hz for the next few years. If you’re interested in high frame rates, you may want to consider a good QHD gaming monitor, as 1440p will be supported by the PlayStation 5 with a higher likelihood of 120Hz in that resolution. Otherwise, if you want to enjoy PS5 gaming in their sweet spot settings, then 4K 60Hz is where it’s at, from open world to first-person shooters,” BenQ says. The Xbox Series duo will both support 1440p.

Sony hasn’t confirmed it, but BenQ might know something that we don’t. And since the PlayStation 5’s launch is quite close (November 12/19, depending on your region), maybe it’s about time to announce 1440p support.

Source: WCCFTech, PSL

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