Quantic Dream: A Possible Advantage In Xbox Series X’ Machine Learning

The machine learning-powered shading cores could provide strong visuals in the next-gen Xbox.

WCCFTech interviewed David Cage, the CEO and founder of Quantic Dream (Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy, Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, Detroit: Become Human), and he compared the Xbox Series X with the PlayStation 5: „It is always challenging to compare hardware, as they always have advantages and disadvantages. It is not just a matter of CPU or frequency; it is more about the consistency of the components and the possibilities of advanced features.

The CPU of the two consoles uses the same processor (slightly faster on Xbox Series X), the GPU of the Xbox also seems more powerful, as it is 16% faster than the PlayStation 5 GPU, with a bandwidth that is 25% faster. The transfer speed from the SSD is twice as fast on [the] PS5. The shader cores of the Xbox are also more suitable to machine learning, which could be an advantage if Microsoft succeeds in implementing an equivalent to Nvidia’s DLSS (an advanced neural network solution for AI).

Overall, I think that the pure analysis of the hardware shows an advantage for Microsoft, but experience tells us that hardware is only part of the equation: Sony showed in the past that their consoles could deliver the best-looking games because their architecture and software were usually very consistent and efficient,” Cage said. The Xbox Wire post, which we also recently discussed, also mentioned how only the two Xbox Series consoles utilise the full AMD RDNA 2 (Big Navi) architecture.

So the situation feels familiar: back then, the PS2 wasn’t as strong as the Xbox, or the GameCube, or SEGA’s Dreamcast… and yet, it still stands as the best-selling console with 150+ million units sold. The Xbox Series X is stronger on paper than the PlayStation 5, but the games will play the decisive factor.

Source: WCCFTech

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