Demon’s Souls: Different Resolution, But No Ray Tracing!

Bluepoint Games‘ and Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Studio’s remake got rid of ray tracing.

„It’s like any other graphic improvement, there is a cost [to implement raytracing]. If we had implemented ray tracing in the game, that would mean that we would have had to leave something out. There is a limited time in game development,” Gavin Moore, Demon’s Souls‘ creative director, told Level Up. Limited time: he just hinted at Sony rushing them. „When we started [the] development, we didn’t know there would be ray tracing in the game, so it wasn’t in our original vision. What we wanted to focus on was the settings and the look of the characters. Everything is lighting in real-time with shadows in real-time,” he added.

„I saw some people talking sh_t about Digital Foundry for claiming the Demon’s Souls Remake was 1440p when it’s now been revealed that it will be (fixed or variable) 4K. However the game was locked at 1440p rendering up until about a month ago. This is a very recent change,” Lance McDonald (whose first impressions have recently been discussed) added on Twitter. The resolution change has been confirmed.

It’s easy to tie the two dots together. Moore said there were sacrifices due to ray tracing, but now that it’s not going to be part of Demon’s Souls’ remake (which thus has FromSoftware’s blessing – they worked on the original, which was released over a decade ago back on the PalyStation 3), it means the resolution is no longer locked to 1440p. Instead, it can be dynamic 4K, which would likely prioritise a 60 FPS frame rate, benefitting the genre of the game (action-RPG).

Demon’s Souls is a PlayStation 5 launch title, so it’s going to be available either from November 12 or November 19.

Source: WCCFTech, Twitter

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