Sony Is Bullish On The PlayStation 5’s Success

Jim Ryan, the president and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, doesn’t go any lower: he believes the PlayStation 5 can reach a hundred million sales.

Gamesindustry interviewed the #1 person of PlayStation, and he said that building the PlayStation 4 community was challenging because they were „coming out of a very lacklustre PlayStation 3 platform, with a low level of networking across the community.” The PlayStation 3 was the only desktop console for Sony to not reach a hundred million sales.

„Now we are starting with 100 million gamers, who we hope to transition very, very rapidly onto [the] PlayStation 5, and it’s an engaged, tribal, networked community, who will be deeply and profoundly engaged with their PS5, we hope, from a very early moment. The PlayStation 5 has been built as a networked device, with features and functionality coming out of the experience from the last six or seven years, designed to give networked gamers a better, richer, deeper, faster, more seamless network gaming experience. I’m sure you’ve seen the UX [user experience] unveil, which is very difficult to do remotely, but I think the guys did a pretty good job – all of those adjectives that I used just earlier, they were in mind when we designed that UX,” Ryan said, adding that he was surprised to see gamers in their mid-50s sending emails to him, as they have been PlayStation-players since 1995.

He also talked about female protagonists having a positive effect: „A lot of the work that we’ve done with female protagonists in gaming, we definitely see that resonating and resulting in an increased presence of the female demographic within the PlayStation community, and then there’s geography. The PlayStation 4 generation saw us make huge strides in Germany and the Middle East, and I think there is further progress to be made in both of those areas. But equally, I think Asia – outside of Japan – has huge potential for us, and Latin America has huge potential for us.”

Ryan said they have „a pretty clear template” to expand in various markets. „Latin America in particular can be very difficult – currencies, import tariffs – very complicated geopolitical situations in a lot of countries. I won’t pretend that it will be easy, but when you look at the statistics, the maths of it, there are opportunities that we should seek to exploit,” he added.

The PlayStation 5 will launch on November 12 or 19, depending on your region.

Source: PSL, PSL

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