Demon’s Souls: More Than 180 Tips Videos And Several Thousands Of Character Permutations

The Demon’s Souls remake, which will launch shortly on PlayStation 5, will try to provide help for the beginners (as much it’s possible from a Souls game, at least).

In Washington Post, we can read a bit about new features in the PlayStation 5 titles. Demon’s Souls was also included, and we can mention how it’s beneficial to be a PlayStation Plus subscriber, as the subs will get tips and tricks in the shape of videos via the PlayStation 5’s user interface. We’ll have about 180 of such videos, as Bluepoint Games and Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Studio’s remake of FromSoftware’s PlayStation 3-exclusive will not have additional difficulty levels.

„The solid-state drive is a game-changer, particularly for Demon’s Souls. With the original, I think the frustration didn’t come from the dying or the challenges. It came from the long load times waiting to get back into the game to take revenge and get your souls back and carry on with your adventure. You can feel metal strike metal. You can feel it in your hands when you make a perfect parry to give you the counterattack. You can feel the block was correct. I hit home. I felt it hit home. I know I gave that boss damage, and I can get out there, move back and wait for their attack to come in. So it makes the gameplay better and it makes the game feel a little bit easier,” Gavin Moore, Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios External Development’s creative director, said about the PlayStation 5’s SSD and DualSense controller.

He also talked about the updated character creator and the heavily improved audio: „What we have done is we’ve updated the character creator. And we’ve given thousands upon thousands of new permutations where you can create and you can play. We’ve remade thousands upon thousands of new sound effects to add into our levels, and then using 3D audio on the PlayStation 5, that comes to life. I mean, you can feel arrows go past your head. You can feel Imperial spies creep up behind you in the palace of Boletaria or creatures crawl out of the slime in the Valley of Defilement. It’s an amazing soundscape now and it adds to the fear, the trepidation, and the challenge of the whole experience,” Moore added.

Demon’s Souls will launch on November 12 or 19, depending on your region.

Source: WCCFTech, WCCFTech

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