Days Gone: Deacon St. John Gets PlayStation 5 Support

Sony Interactive Entertainment Bend Studio’s game,  Days Gone will also provide better performance on Sony’s next-gen PlayStation console.

Bend Studio (which, formerly known as Eidetic, created Bubsy 3D, or the Syphon Filter series) announced on Twitter that their 2019 PlayStation 4-exclusive, after its 1.70 update, will run on up to sixty frames per second on PlayStation 5 (they explicitly used the term up to, so not AT 60 FPS, meaning there could be drops in performance). The resolution isn’t that clearly stated, as that is said to be dynamic 4K, meaning the native resolution will be lower than 4K, and it will have some upscaling for us.

Sony Interactive Entertainment Bend Studio added that the PlayStation 4 saves will be supported on the PlayStation 5, continuing the trend of having the PS4 titles’ save files brought over via backwards compatibility. (Remasters, on the other hand, will not support this transfer – an example of this would be Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered!). We can also add that the PlayStation 5’s internal, soldered-on-the-motherboard SSD (which could cause trouble later on) will also heavily cut down the loading times of Days Gone.

We’ve seen several Sony Interactive Entertainment games receiving better performance after going from PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5, which is necessary because there likely will be customers who have skipped the PS4 in the past and they might show interest in that console’s exclusive games on the PS5.

We’d like to see third-party publishers announce such improvements for bigger titles. A prime example of it would be Rockstar Games, who haven’t said a word about Red Dead Redemption 2’s support on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PlayStation 5 (while Epic Games detailed Fortnite’s support that we discussed the other day).

So Deacon St. John is getting improvements on the new PlayStation.

Source: Gematsu

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