Scalpers Bought Several Thousand PlayStation 5 Units!

A new console means a new chance for a few people to get filthy rich – the PlayStation 5 wasn’t safe from scalpers.

We have previously seen that if a limited product (or console) enters the market, such as the NES Classic or the SNES Classic, then they tended to be out of stock fairly quickly, only to magically show up on eBay or Amazon listings with the price being multiple times the cost of the original, so those who were desperate enough opened their wallets to pay the scalpers.

This, unfortunately, was and possibly still is, the case with the PlayStation 5: Business Insider reports about a reseller group called CrepChiefNotify, who bought nearly 3500 PS5s since its launch. On Discord, there were words about 2472 units in their possession, and nearly an additional thousand were pre-ordered in September. The crew consists of twelve main members, and there is a subscription fee of a minimum of 40 dollars per month, which could be as much as 530.

„During the first COVID-19 lockdown, we noticed a huge shift in products that people were buying. The focus shifted towards the most ridiculous things, like outdoor hot tubs. We noticed that these began selling out in stores and reselling on eBay for a profit. So our developer wrote some site monitor software, and we tracked the stock of the sites selling hot tubs! Every time they pinged into stock, we would notify our members to buy it all,” said CrepChiefNotify’s leader named Tom.

On Twitter, someone expressed dissatisfaction how a few people bought everything, only to make profits on reselling the PlayStation 5s for significant profits. Unfortunately, we haven’t heard official sales figures aside from the Japanese console launch sales yet, and Microsoft won’t discuss public figures either (we mentioned both subjects before). Only Sony will announce such numbers.

Source: DualShockers

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