Next-Gen Sales: Another Country Revealed Details

After the Japanese launch figures, we learn of another country’s sales performance of the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series duo (with the latter, Microsoft has previously confirmed that they will no longer provide exact sales figures – they stopped a few years ago).

Via a Spanish website called Vandal, Daniel Ahmad, Niko Partners’ senior analyst revealed how the PlayStation 5 had a similarly strong start to Japan in Spain, knocking the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S out in the process. Sony’s new console (with no differentiation between the PlayStation 5 Standard Edition and the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition) sold 43000 units during its launch week. Meanwhile, the Xbox Series pair (with again, no differentiation between the two models) mustered 14100 launch sales.

This is a relatively HIGH figure, because while the Xbox has kept in line with the launch sales (the Xbox One got 15000 sales in the launch week, the Xbox 360 pulled 14900 units), the PlayStation 5 beat the previous recorder (43000 sales; the PlayStation 2 had 40 thousand, followed by the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation 3 with 38 and 35 thousand, respectively), meaning the Sony console had a relatively great start in Spain.

„As always, launch sales don’t mean a huge amount given both consoles are sold out. This is more about how many were shipped at launch, but as per previous gens, [the] PlayStation 5 will be expected to become the market leader out of the two,” Ahmad added.

After these numbers, we can’t wait to get the NPD Group’s analysis of November in the US (especially how Sony has confirmed that the PlayStation 5 had the biggest launch of the home console platforms for the company). Will the Nintendo Switch remain dominant, or will the new consoles dethrone it?

Source: PSU

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