Metroid Prime 4: Is Its Development Reaching The End?

A job listing might make the fans of the Metroid series happy: Metroid Prime 4, which was announced several years ago, might be wrapping up development shortly.

Nintendo‘s careers website has a job listing for a product tester for Retro Studios. We know about them that the Metroid Prime series’ (which launched on the Nintendo GameCube, significantly changing the gameplay by making it a first-person perspective series, unlike previous adventures of Samus) new game is being developed over there. And don’t forget: Metroid Prime 4 was announced at E3 in 2017. Since then, three years have passed, and in early 2019, Nintendo announced that they got the Bandai Namco connections, restarting the development with Retro Studios. And they were the developers of the original trilogy, meaning „they brought Samus home,”

„Develop and execute test plans to confirm developer requirements and discover defects in pre-released software,” the job listing says. The key part of it is pre-released software. Since we have no clue what else Retro might be doing, we suspect that it is a hint at Metroid Prime 4. However, we recall that Retro was looking for a lead producer in August, meaning the game’s development might still be somewhat patch.

But, good people can improve the game’s development, and perhaps this is why they hired people who previously worked on the Grand Theft Auto series. Also, let’s not forget that Nintendo is a company that delays its games to have a high-quality title when they feel it is ready to do so. This is why they tend to keep games’ release dates revealed close to arrival, not to mention how they like to sneak release titles via the eShop during Nintendo Direct broadcasts.

We should be patient about Metroid Prime 4, though. It might need another year.

Source: GameRant

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