Cyberpunk 2077: Cut Content To Be DLC? [VIDEO]

CD Projekt RED might have rushed Cyberpunk 2077‘s development so hard that they had to cut a lot of content from its first-person RPG, which might thus expand with them over time.

GameFAQs had a post that was allegedly shared by members of the dev team. In it, we can read that a significant amount of content had to be cut from the game to keep the December 10 launch window. Some of the examples mention include a quest that had to be rewritten dozens of times, Keanu Reeves wasn’t meant to be the original actor for Johnny Silverhand (it was Cillian Murphy), and there was also a detailed wanted system with the NCPD (Night City Police Department).

The cut content is reportedly going to be implemented back into Cyberpunk 2077 with DLC up until June, which will then be followed by giving the game its PlayStation 5/Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S versions (so the next-gen consoles’ owners will have to wait several months…?), and only then will they focus on the multiplayer with is monetization. However, CD Projekt RED has not confirmed anything about it, so take this information with a grain of salt.

Cyberpunk 2077 also got a third-person mod on NexusMods. (Thus, this game went in the opposite direction from God of War, about which we showcased the first-person mod.) It’s still looking unnatural (because the Polish devs always meant to have us play this game from a first-person perspective), as your hips slide out when you turn a corner at speed.

To install this mod, you’ll need to first install Cyber Engine Tweaks that fixes some bugs, plus it grants you access to the debug menu. Then get the mod, but there is one for a male and a female V, as their neck size depends on their sex. Extract the mod into the \Cyberpunk 2077\bin\x64 directory. Press B in the game to switch to third-person mode. Pressing it again will let you cycle through four different camera views.

You can see it in video format below.

Source: PSU, PCGamer

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