System Shock 2 Enhanced Edition: A Sign Of Life With VR Controls [VIDEO]

The modernized edition of System Shock 2 has shown itself again after a long silent period, but it didn’t happen in a way we expected it to happen.

Nightdive Studios is currently developing a remake for the first System Shock, but its scale has been held back, as they had too big ambitions, and because of it, we don’t know when it will launch (maybe this year, but it’s best to be cautious about such hopes). They are also working on its sequel, but it will „only” get a new coat of paint, plus it wasn’t showcased that much. The return was unexpected, and it was quite effective, too.

This video is interesting because System Shock’s remake fell short of its three-million-dollar Kickstarter stretch goal for its VR support. And now, System Shock 2 Enhanced Edition is seen with a certain Valve Index‘ controls. So the developers showed the upcoming game in virtual reality, and it does seem to have a good one-handed combat. A ladder gets knocked down, and then, a monkey gets what it deserves with a certain comment added (die, monkey!).

Is Nightdive Studios testing VR internally? In a few scenes, virtual reality would be exciting – a few of Shodan’s monologues would work nicely in VR, and the game’s audio design is still top-notch to this day (having good audio is important for horror, thriller games), so the VR iteration would work just as well.

We don’t know when System Shock 2 Enhanced Edition will launch on PC. Meanwhile, System Shock 3 is in development at Otherside Entertainment, and its publisher will be the Chinese tech giant, Tencent. Since them stepping in May, we haven’t heard of this game at all.

Thief: The Dark Project could be exciting in VR. Keep dreaming.

Source: PCGamer

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