Returnal: New Gameplay From The Developers’ Broadcast [VIDEO]

Housemarque continues to remain loyal to its motto, which is Gameplay First.

In the newest episode of Returnal’s HouseCast, we can see Harry Krueger, the director of the game, who explains in the video below how they managed to bring Housemarque’s distinct gameplay over to the third dimension (as they previously were developing 2D titles such as Resogun on PlayStation 4). Going by the gameplay, Housemarque has easily got the hang of what the PlayStation 5 can provide, as the studio’s creation shows some solid performance and effects.

In Returnal, we see Selene, a space scout of Astra. She gets stuck in an infinite loop on an alien planet. Her goal is to break free. The studio’s game is going to make good use of the DualSense controller. „Uncover the process of translating the Housemarque explosive action into 3D and how to stay true to our motto ‘Gameplay First,’” the video’s description says.„We’re using the haptic feedback of the DualSense wireless controller to give players extra awareness of gameplay. You’ll be able to feel the natural ambience of this alien planet as the controller mimics its environmental effects,” Housemarque previously wrote.

„Every weapon has an alternative firing mode, and each of these ‘Alt-Fire’ modes can be found on any weapon. Squeeze it halfway down to aim down the iron sights; squeeze it down to activate your rechargeable Alt-Fire attack. Switching between modes on a single trigger will become second nature in no time,” the team added. So get used to using the DualSense’s adaptive triggers, as they claim it will be essential to switch between the alternative fire mode and aiming down your sights.

Returnal is not that far away: it will launch on March 19, exclusively on PlayStation 5. After Super Stardust and Resogun, we’re curious to see how much of the bullet hell will be brought over to 3D.

Source: DualShockers

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