Epic Games Vs. Apple: The Case Will Not Even Start In The United Kingdom!

The United Kingdom doesn’t seem to be that interested in the argument that has been happening between Epic Games and Apple – a judge decided to not allow the lawsuit to start in the country.

In January, Epic Games was trying to expand its actions to the United Kingdom against Apple and Google. However, 9to5ac reports that Judge Roth has decided to provide a mixed ruling. The UK court will not hear Epic’s case against Apple. Apple Ltd is a subsidiary of Apple Inc in the UK, and that quote is important, because „In the Apple action (Case 1377), the application for permission to serve the proceedings on A1 out of the jurisdiction was refused.” A1 refers to the Apple subsidiary in question.

However, the ruling against Google is different. G1 and G2 references are for Alphabet Inc (parent company of Google) and Google LLC, both being US-based: „In the Google action (Case 1378), the application for permission to serve the proceedings on G1 and G2 out of the jurisdiction was granted for certain claims for breach of Chapter I and Chapter II prohibitions under the CA 1998, and the injunctions claimed at paras (c), (d) and (h) of the prayer to the Claim Form. Permission was refused as regards the other claims made,” Judge Peter Roth claims.

Epic Games’ spokesperson is happy about the situation, though: „We are pleased that the Court has granted Epic permission to pursue our case against Google in the U.K. Epic will reconsider pursuing its case against Apple in the U.K. after the resolution of the U.S. case. We note the Competition Appeal Tribunal’s assessment that Apple and Google’s anticompetitive app store policies are ‘serious issues to be tried’ under UK Competition law, and that it is ‘well arguable’ that their conduct has ‘an immediate and substantial effect in the UK’. We are unwavering in our commitment to stopping Apple and Google’s anti-competitive practices and will continue to fight for fairer app distribution globally.”

However, on the other side of the English Channel, we see Epic and Apple fighting, as Tim Sweeney’s company now involves the European Commission…

Source: WCCFTech

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