Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade: Yuffie Episode Detailed

Square Enix also discussed what the PlayStation 5 enhancements will be.

But before we get into it, we need to clarify a thing: if you get Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 1 via PlayStation Plus, you still will not be eligible to upgrade to Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade on PlayStation 5, which will have „improved lighting throughout the game’s various locales paints an even more vivid and beautiful picture of Midgar, enhanced fog effects help make the city more realistic than ever; certain textures have been upgraded to higher resolutions, making for more intricate, detailed environments,” and „in the newly-added Photo Mode, not only can you adjust the camera position, but the angle, colour, and exposure when capturing screenshots.” The Performance / Graphics Modes were also detailed: „Performance Mode prioritizes a stable frame rate and smooth action at 60 frames per second. Graphics Mode prioritizes 4K resolution, letting you enjoy the game’s great visuals in even higher quality.”

And let’s see what the Japanese publisher wrote about the new Yuffie episode: „Amidst the confusion of Mako Reactor 5’s destruction, Wutai makes its move on the city of Midgar. Yuffie and her partner Sonon, two elite ninja operatives for the Wutaian government, have been assigned a dangerous mission: to steal the Shinra Electric Power Company’s most powerful materia. Together with Avalanche HQ’s support, they cross behind enemy lines to reclaim their homeland’s former glory and exact revenge long in the making. Unbeknownst to Yuffie, however, the wheel of fate is turning, and unforeseen consequences await.

A member of Wutai’s elite corps of ninja operatives, Yuffie styles herself as both a ravishing beauty and a world-class materia hunter. Using her signature oversized throwing star and exceptional agility, she is a force to be reckoned with. Determined to reclaim her homeland’s former glory—and acting on orders from the government—she sneaks into Midgar. A warrior hailing from Wutai, Sonon trained under Yuffie’s father. He experienced the devastation wrought by his country’s war with Shinra, and as a result, harbours a deep resentment for the company. He has been assigned to accompany Yuffie as she infiltrates Midgar—essentially making her his boss. Thankfully though, his serious, grounded nature is the perfect foil for his partner’s eccentric personality.

[…] The new episode will be two chapters long […] Yuffie is proficient in both close-quarters combat and ranged attacks, as she wields a massive shuriken and performs ninjutsu attacks. These traits make for exhilarating battles that play out differently than with any other character. Yuffie can interact with her environment in ways others can’t. For example, she can smash Shinra boxes from far away or flip out-of-reach switches by throwing her shuriken. She also performs ninja-like actions such as deftly traversing latticed walls.”

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade will launch on June 10 on PlayStation 5.

Source: Forrás: Gematsu

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