Nintendo Switch Pro: 7″ OLED Display, 4K TV Mode, Announcement This Year?

There will be a stronger Nintendo Switch! No, it’s not happening. Oh yes, it does! Except it doesn’t. Maybe it does…

Bloomberg, citing people familiar with Nintendo’s plans, reports that the big N will reveal a new Switch model later this year. It’s going to use a Samsung OLED display, which is going be a seven-inch, 720p panel. Allegedly, its initial monthly target is nearly one million units, and these will reportedly be shipped to the assemblers around July.

„The OLED panel will consume less battery, offer higher contrast and possibly faster response time when compared to the Switch’s current liquid-crystal display,” display consultancy DSCC co-founder Yoshio Tamura told Bloomberg. Longer battery life is a good thing, as the Switch can be used a handheld, and the more time we can use it without an outlet, the better. The faster response time is also good, as there will be less of a lag on the screen. Also, Bloomberg’s report points out that the Switch’s TV mode will reportedly support 4K resolution. (The Nintendo Switch Lite is out of the picture, as it can’t be docked.)

Nor Nintendo’s, neither Samsung’s representatives commented on the article. And a month ago, during the big N’s financial earnings call, Shuntaro Furukawa, Nintendo’s president said that they had no plans to announce a new Switch model. Instead, he mentioned the Nintendo Switch – Mario Red & Blue Edition (which is available by now), and the still-upcoming Nintendo Switch Monster Hunter Rise Edition. But these are just visually different – under the hood, we get the same hardware.

It’s not official yet, but seeing how the Nintendo Switch just turned four years old, it might make some sense. However, the big N is in good standing sales-wise, so who knows…?

Source: Gematsu

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