The Sinking City: The „Pirate” Steam Version Is Gone, Nacon Strikes Back

The arguments between Frogwares and Nacon (formerly known as Bigben Interactive) continue to heat up.

We1ll quickly recap what happened so far: Frogwares asked everyone to not buy the resurfaced The Sinking City on Steam, Nacon said that they footed the bill for the development of the game, followed by the Ukrainian studio showcasing how the French publisher has essentially re-released a cracked version of the game on Valve’s digital platform.

The team, currently working on Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One – according to Vice – used the DMCA move, effectively requesting from Steam to take The Sinking City down. The game, based on H.P. Lovecraft’s work, is still available via GamesPlanet (which is the version Frogwares is endorsing).

However, the publisher responded with a statement on their corporate website: „In line with the courts’ decision, Nacon has repeatedly and unsuccessfully requested that Frogwares make the game available on Steam, failing which it would apply a clause in the contract wherein such a case, the game would be adopted by a third party. Frogwares then attempted, without the knowledge of Nacon and in violation of our rights, to make the game available on Steam without mentioning Nacon in its capacity as the publisher. This is, therefore clear proof that no technical impossibility prevents the game from being put back on Steam. Despite this blocking situation created exclusively by Frogwares, Nacon has allowed players to access the game on Steam while still expressly indicating the ownership of Frogwares’ rights to the game. Frogwares will also receive the royalties generated by Steam sales.”

The publisher also indicated that all royalties were paid, adding that 8.9 million euros were paid for development costs and royalties, ready to take legal action, while also stating that the court decisions were in their favour (which is a contradiction, as the courts have refused to enforce Nacons demands upon Frogwares…).

This is getting dirty.

Source: Gamesindustry, WCCFTech

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