Has Resident Evil 9 Been In Development For Three Years?

No, we did not write the wrong number in the title – that was meant to be a nine. Not even the 8th one is out yet, so Capcom seems to be planning by quite a bit.

Resident Evil: Village will be the 8th main title in the series, and even this one is two months away at the moment (it will launch on all the consoles outside the Nintendo Switch – PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PC/Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One), but the Japanese publisher seems to have planned by quite a bit if we can believe AestheticGamer‘s tweet. He says that in late 2018, no less than six Resident Evil games were in development.

He named them: Resident Evil 2 Remake (launched in early 2019), Resident Evil 3 Remake (and he didn’t count Resident Evil: Resistance separately, even though it was forcefully linked to RE3R in early 2020), Resident Evil: Village, Resident Evil: Outrage (which is supposedly Resident Evil: Revelations 3, a title designed for the Nintendo Switch, but launching elsewhere too later – not announced yet), Resident Evil 4 Remake (which isn’t announced yet, and it was reportedly in development at M-Two, formed by ex-PlatinumGames members), and Resident Evil 9. (We can even add the multiplayer Resident Evil: Reverse to this list…)

It doesn’t mean an early launch, though, he added: „Don’t expect it anytime soon. I literally cannot see it releasing before 2024 to the point it’s not worth even talking about right now. Anything could happen to it in dev, from the whole thing being rebooted (it’s happened a lot in the Resident Evil series).” And seeing how an AAA game needs about three years in the „oven,” it makes sense. And Resident Evil 2 and 4 were rebooted at least once, keep in mind.

It’s not official yet, but Capcom won’t ignore its IP that celebrates its 25th birthday this year.

Source: WCCFTech

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