Is Capcom Forcing Its Employees To Work From Its Offices?

Despite the coronavirus global pandemic, the Japanese company enforces its employees to go to its office(s) to work from there.

Yoshihide Suga, the prime minister of Japan, announced in early January that there is a state of emergency in the country due to the pandemic. Despite this, Business Journal reports that Capcom forced its workers to commute to the offices to do their job there, even though the emergency affected several prefectures. The government requested that corporate employees should work from home, and if it’s not possible, the number of workers in the offices should be reduced.

Don’t forget that Capcom has been a victim of a cyber attack in November, resulting in a terabyte of employees’ and customers’ data getting compromised. That’s more than the free space the internal SSD of the PlayStation 5 or the Xbox Series X offers! Business Journal claims that Capcom wasn’t able to say if it secured its external network after the attack to allow remote work. It reportedly led to employees being anxious and unease in the office.

Capcom responded by insisting that it takes the workers’ health and safety seriously and that the working hours have been staggered, with telecommunicating options implemented in the workflow. Employees must wear masks and keep the distance from each other and that their temperatures are recorded upon entering. Business Journal’s report on the other hand says that there are other internal issues within the company, such as the flexible working hours being dependent on the individual’s position within Capcom (who also doesn’t allow to have a union).

Even though the success of the gaming industry should have allowed Capcom to quickly reinstate the safety of its networks and that the attack has happened months ago, we have to ask: how couldn’t the company fix the issues in such a time?

Source: PSU

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