Activision Blizzard Prepares For Further Layoffs In Europe

Don’t forget that the company is living its financial glory days, and despite that, this is going to be the fourth round of layoffs in half a year.

Gamesindustry reported based on its sources with knowledge of the situation that Activision Blizzard is preparing to close its publishing offices throughout Europe.

„Players are increasingly choosing to connect with our games digitally. We have shared plans with our teams in Europe for how we would evolve as an organization, adapting to this change to serve our players and best positioning the region for future growth. We will be taking extensive steps to support all employees and ease the transition for those of our colleagues who might be impacted by these proposed changes,” an Activision Blizzard representative told the site.

The company has entered a consultation period to prepare for the layoffs in Germany, France, Spain, the UK, and two offices in the Netherlands. Activision Blizzard plans to consolidate its European publishing functions to a hub in the United Kingdom. The cuts in the workforce are reportedly limited to publishing functions. Thus, it shouldn’t impact development or live ops (live service), and customer support staff. All while Bobby Kotick, the CEO of the company, is about to get a 200 million-dollar bonus, which is something an investment firm is strictly against (we wrote about it before).

In October, Activision Blizzard closed offices in France and the Netherlands. In November, they did some cuts in its Asia-Pacific offices. Then earlier this month, we heard about more layoffs (which we discussed). They are centralizing everything, which might not be the best idea, even if it improves their profit margins even further (allowing Kotick to get even more money).

Last April, the company had only 31 international offices – and it will be even smaller, we guarantee it.

Source: Gamesindustry

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