Doom Still Has More Stories To Tell

Doom Eternal‘s director thinks the franchise still has a few stories it could tell us.

Doom Eternal has recently received its The Ancient Gods expansion’s second half, closing the plot of Doom Slayer, but we are not surprised to hear that that id Software and Bethesda (or should we say Microsoft, as they have finished the acquisition of Zenimax Media, Bethesda’s parent company…) are not done with the IP that launched a good three decades ago.

„While this is the end of the story arc that began in Doom (2016), we planted a lot of stakes in the ground with that story. And we’ve been able to flesh out a lot of those things throughout [Doom Eternal] and to do two DLCs. So that story arc will end, you know, from the time you woke up in the sarcophagus to the end of the DLC, but there are more stories to tell with the Doom Slayer, for sure,” Hugo Martin, the director of Doom Eternal, told Polygon in an interview.

He compared the Doom games so far to comic-book movies helmed by different directors. In short, the basics are present at all times (evil gigacorporation releases demons to the outside world, a lone wolf space marine rips and tears them apart…), but the additional things on top of them are always different. The original Doom games had virtually no plot but a damn good atmosphere, Doom 3 emphasised the horror tones, Doom 2016 focused on non-stop action, and Doom Eternal kept pumping lore on our head.

They won’t change the approach to the subject matter. Martin says it’s „like it was conceived with a ballpoint pen in 1985 on the back of someone’s notebook in math class. There is this juvenile quality to everything in Doom, and I think it is critical […] to make it all fit, I do think that tone is critical.” He previously said similar things in a 2016 documentary about the reboot, claiming that Bethesda’s previous plan for Doom 4 was to have more emphasis on the story and the character(s). „As a concept, I can see why they went there because I would probably want to explore that too—if it wasn’t a Doom game. To tell a bigger story, it sacrificed the Doom Slayer. And Doom is about one guy involved in big things, and Doom 4 Classic was more about the big things,” he said.

According to Marty Stratton, the game’s executive producer, we will still get Doom Eternal updates this year. We wonder what these will bring.

Source: PCGamer

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