Nintendo Switch Super: Even The Price Is Rumoured!

The Nintendo Switch Pro (or, recently, the Nintendo Switch Super) is allegedly going to be a stronger hybrid console by the big N, and its price could be competitive if it’s true what we hear.

Bloomberg reports about the new rumours regarding the stronger Nintendo Switch that has been in the news for quite some time by now. It’s going to use a stronger Nvidia chip (it currently uses the Tegra X1+ Mariko, which is possibly going to be stopped being manufactured this year, meaning a switch will be necessary…), and this is going to be capable of using the GPU manufacturer’s DLSS (deep learning supersampling – upscaling image quality with machine learning to reach 4K, albeit only in docked mode.

Bloomberg also claims that Nintendo will use a stronger CPU and more memory in this Switch model. But what Nvidia SoC (system-on-a-chip) is going to be utilized? The answer is possibly Xavier (yes, named after the X-Men character), as it has support for it, and it debuted roughly two years ago and is available in three versions at the moment, using the Carmel CPU. „DLSS support will require new code to be added to games, so it’ll primarily be used to improve graphics on upcoming titles, said the people, including multiple game developers,” Bloomberg added.

With it, the unannounced console is shaping up. Previously, we heard – yet again from this site – that the stronger Nintendo Switch will utilize Samsung’s 7″ OLED panels, and now, Bloomberg claims this model might be hitting the store shelves by the end of the year, with a price tag between 349 and 399 dollars. That would immediately underprice the PlayStation 5 Standard Edition and the Xbox Series X, but it would cost more than the Xbox Series S. If it’s 399 bucks, then it’d be on par with the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition.

Nothing is official yet, but if we hear so much about it, there has to be something brewing behind the scenes…

Source: WCCFTech

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