Bokeh Game Studio: A New Concept Art; A Successor To Pyramid Head?

This new creature might be already on the same level as the iconic character seen in Silent Hill 2.

Bokeh Game Studio has published the image below on Twitter, and we can discover quite a few things if we look at it closely. For instance, many creatures are present from snakes through moths and flies to a spider. In the centre, we see a weird creature that takes its rightful position ominously.

Maybe it’s not an exaggeration to say that it could be the antagonist of Bokeh Game Studios’ game. It’s a combination of human, deer, eagle, moth, and fly – which sounds an incredible mix. And it does feel like it could be as important as Pyramid Head was in Silent Hill 2. (And then, we might have to eat the humble pie when Boken confirms it to be the protagonist. We wouldn’t be surprised!)

There are other things of note, too, such as an aeroplane, two crossed katanas, some orbiting planets, possibly ruined buildings in the background, as well as a mysterious code that reads SN1987A, along with a few isometric shapes. It sounds rough altogether, but it does its job nicely – it makes us talk about the game until the Japanese team reveals further details.

Keiichiro Toyama was the director of the first Silent Hill, and he worked at Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Studio along with the two other founders, Kazonobu Sato and Junya Okura. They worked on series such as Siren (Forbidden Siren) or Gravity Rush. The independent team won’t show the game for a while, as it’s currently early in its development phase.

They plan to release the currently unnamed title in 2023 by the earliest on PC and as many consoles as possible.

Source: PSL

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