PlayStation Tries Again With Mobile

PlayStation Mobile might be something that not many remembers anymore, but it seems Sony is giving it a second shot to bring over its most popular franchises to mobile platforms.

Recently, mobile phones are stronger (but they also suffer from outages in components, similar to the next-gen consoles or… surprisingly, the car industry), so the games for them could be more fleshed out than say, five years ago. And Sony wants to make use of it, going by the job listing they have. Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) – they are looking for someone to head their mobile arm, who will be responsible for the titles that are currently in development, plus this new employee would have to create a plan to outline the next 3-5 years for PlayStation on mobile.

It’s not surprising to see SIE trying to bring over its most popular franchises, as they think their popularity could allow them to gain ground on iOS and Android, too. Then again, the job listing doesn’t go into details on what games are already under development but seeing this job listing, we wouldn’t be surprised if we saw The Last of Us, God of War, and Uncharted get mobile games, as these are the biggest blockbusters for the company. (Which is why Days Gone 2 was shafted. We wrote about it in detail yesterday.)

It shows the change in Sony’s attitude in the past few years. The PC ports (for Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition or Days Gone) happen solely to get more profit, and the mobile expansion’s reason is the same. Sure, Microsoft is also present on Android with xCloud (with the iOS solution on its way), but they are more transparent about it.

While we are at it, SIE’s London Studio is developing a new IP for PlayStation 5 with online features. They require a visual effects artist, as well as an online gameplay designer, the latter has to „implement the gameplay into the missions,” which feels like PvE (Outriders, Rainbow Six: Parasite) to us.

Source: GameRant, PSU

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