Naughty Dog Is Struggling With Parallel Game Development

And because of this, we wonder if a veteran studio with Sony‘s backing is not capable of pulling it off, what makes CD Projekt RED’s situation any better?

VGC has provided a transcript of an interview with Evan Wells, the co-president of Naughty Dog, who was part of the Game Maker’s Notebook series, which itself is run by the Academy of Interactive Arts & Science. Wells recalled that they had to abandon their plans of a Jak & Daxter game (and they are practically craving for this franchise at the moment!) for the PlayStation Portable so that they can put together The Last of Us, which launched in June 2013 on PlayStation 3…

„The amount of effort that was required to finish Uncharted 3 at the time was stealing resources away from The Last of Us, and we never got to the point where we had two full productions going. I would say even today we’re just short of that. We have multiple projects, but only one that is getting the lion’s share of focus at any time,” Wells said. Uncharted 3 was the previous game before The Last of Us, another title on the PlayStation 3.

Wells added that a few of their projects are in pre-production, and others have just left this phase of the game development: „We don’t have two projects that have several hundred people on them. We have one [project] and then some that are in pre-production, or maybe just creeping out of pre-production, but will have to wait until the main focus has completed before we move everybody off of that project,” he said.

Wells’ comments also seemingly hinted that Naughty Dog isn’t keen on making another Uncharted game, which could confirm the rumours about SIE Bend possibly being involved with the series after the possible cancellation of Days Gone 2. Wells said that the team doesn’t have the creative spark they need to work on that series.

Source: PSL

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