Mass Effect: Legendary Edition: A Lower Frame Rate On PlayStation 5

BioWare‘s three games are packed into one collection, and now, we hear some technical details about Mass Effect: Legendary Edition.

Let’s start with the list of the consoles and their target frame rates and resolutions:

Favour Quality:

– PlayStation 4: 1080p, maximum 30 FPS

– PlayStation 4 Pro: 4K, maximum 30 FPS

– PlayStation 5: 4K, maximum 60 FPS

– Xbox One: 1080p, maximum 30 FPS

– Xbox One X: 4K, maximum 30 FPS

– Xbox Series S: 4K, maximum 30 FPS

– Xbox Series X: 4K, maximum 60 FPS

Favour Frame Rate:

– PlayStation 4: 1080p, maximum 60 FPS

– PlayStation 4 Pro: 1440p, maximum 60 FPS

– PlayStation 5: 1440p, maximum 60 FPS

– Xbox One: 1080p, maximum 60 FPS

– Xbox One X: 1440p, maximum 60 FPS

– Xbox Series S: 1440p, maximum 60 FPS

– Xbox Series X: 1440p, maximum 120 FPS

…and on PC, the maximum FPS will be 240.

So the Xbox Series X is ahead of the PlayStation 5, but will Microsoft’s console keep a stable 120 FPS at all times? We have yet to see.

On Electronic Artswebsite, you can get a ton of Deluxe Edition content that was included in the original Mass Effect releases. Let’s quote the list of the 1.67 GB package: „88 Iconic Tracks – Download and enjoy your favourite music from the trilogy. Tracks include “Mass Effect Theme,” “Uncharted Worlds,” “Suicide Mission,” “Illusive Man,” “Leaving Earth,” and many more. 2 PDF Art Books – Delve deeper into the saga with two exquisite digital art books (for Mass Effect 2 and 3) from BioWare. 2 PDF Comic Books – Learn more about the Mass Effect universe with two limited edition digital comic books from Dark Horse Comics. Mass Effect: Redemption #1 and Mass Effect: Invasion #1. Normandy Digital Lithograph – Show off the best ship in the fleet with a digital lithograph featuring the Normandy in the heat of battle.”

And here, you can create your custom Mass Effect key art (even as a PlayStation 4/Xbox One box art or a 4K wallpaper!) with your favourite characters, and you can also set the location. Mass Effect: Legendary Edition will launch on May 14 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. (The new consoles will also run it via backwards compatibility.)

Source: WCCFTech

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