Google Will Enable Two-Factor Authentication Automatically

TECH NEWS – Two-factor authentication (which we will shorten to 2FA onwards) is one of the companies’ solutions to ensure the security of our accounts.

Google recognizes World Password Day, which is why it published a blog post, saying that it will enrol people into automatic 2FA, is the accounts are „appropriately configured.” We don’t know when this change is going to happen, but in short, it means that your Google account is going to be tied to a smartphone, requiring you to confirm the prompt that you want to access it. (Or you will receive a code in SMS, and you will need to type that in to gain access to your account. A backup solution to this is using one of the ten codes that can be generated to log in; each code can be used just once.)

Google previously tried other ways to protect its users and their respective Google accounts, which themselves are tied to other G services, such as Gmail, or YouTube. With the password manager, you get quick access to all the security checks, meaning you can check whether anyone else knows of your password or not, and if you are compromised, you can get help from Google to generate a new password. Their password importer is a tool that makes it easier to export or import passwords from and to other Android password managers.

Google has a quite ambitious plan: it is working towards a world where passwords will no longer be necessary due to the security the account will have. At this moment, it only seems that biometric solutions (such as fingerprint scanning) could provide maximum security, but until then, Google will enforce 2FA, which will be tricky for those who don’t have (smart)phones.

There’s also the big brother question, and who knows what data they can sell about us, only by using its search engine (which itself is enough to profile us).

Source: WCCFTech

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