Nintendo Switch: The Third Model Is Coming, But Not What You Would Expect! [VIDEO]

The 2017-launched Nintendo Switch (which has had a hardware revision since) and the 2019-released Nintendo Switch Lite is now going to get a new family member. However, this isn’t what we expected!


So it’s official that Nintendo is going to get a new, more expensive model. Why does it cost more than the base version? First off, this Switch will include an OLED display (which made some of the Internet search for the PlayStation Vita, which has used the same technology ten years ago…). This display will be 7″, which will provide brighter colours and more screen space, offering a maximum 1080p resolution docked on your TV or 720p on the display. (We checked the specs on the official Nintendo page!)

The big display also gets a wider, adjustable stand, allowing you to find the best viewing angle. A bigger stand is needed because otherwise, the Switch might fall face flat on our table, which would result in us throwing the possibly drifting Joy-Cons out the window if we see a cracked display.

The Nintendo Switch OLED will also include 64 GB of internal storage, allowing you to store several bigger games on the hybrid platform. The sound is also said to be clearer than before, but the online gameplay will be more stable: the dock will now come with an Ethernet port! That should be more stable than using Wi-Fi.

Nintendo Switch OLED will launch on October 8, and it will cost 350 dollars. It will be available in white, neon red, and neon blue colours. Most of the rumours have been thus true, except for one part: where is the beefed-up performance? Because at this rate, you pay 50 dollars extra for a 0.8″ bigger OLED display, more internal storage, and an Ethernet dock…

Source: Gematsu

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