Call of Duty Warzone Keeps Banning Cheaters: 50,000 Accounts in Only One Week

More than 500,000 accounts have been suspended since the battle royale of the popular FPS saga: Call of Duty Warzone came out.


Activision has once again demonstrated that they have a strong hand with the cheaters and have confirmed that they have banned more than 50,000 accounts in Call of Duty Warzone during the past week, as confirmed by Raven Software, developers of the battle royale based on the popular FPS saga.

The company points out that expulsions have occurred in waves and that they have been directed “at repeat offenders and many more.” In this way, and according to the data, there are already more than 500,000 permanent bans that have taken place in Warzone since the free-to-play was released in March 2020. A few months ago they had 350,000.

In order to keep the experience uncluttered and enjoyable for all players, they have proven themselves from the start when it comes to combating cheats, such as aimbots or any other third-party software used to manipulate game data and take advantage in combat. Even so, there are users who continue to “have fun” in this way, knowing that Activision will ban them as soon as they are detected.

In fact, Activision publicly shown the discomfort generated by cheaters, who ruin “ruining some of the best work we have done”, in the mouth of Amos Hodge, creative director of the game, in statements to VGC. Still, more than 100 million players have experienced Warzone, which continues to grow with new content and options. And with fewer cheats.

Source: GamesRadar

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