Dying Light 2 Creators Are Developing A New AAA Open-World RPG Game

There are two recently discovered job listings on Techland‘s website which hint at the direction of Techland’s next games.


After a longer wait than initially anticipated, Techland will launch Dying Light 2 Stay Human at the end of the year. But its creators are not idle, and they already have a new big-budget project in their hands that, according to recent job offers, would once again be an open-world action RPG, although the mystery about its setting remains.

Going into detail, the Poland-based company recruits two vacancies in senior positions: a 3D artist destined to work on the company’s “next big title” and a quest designer “familiar with the differences between narrative and Gameplay in Open World Action RPGs “. Both ads discovered by eXputer expand with different more technical requirements.

When Techland works again on an action RPG in the open world, fans may quickly think of the third instalment of Dying Light; however, it must be remembered that five years ago, the press was assured of the company’s interest in working on an open-world adventure, fantasy, RPG elements and intended for individual and cooperative play. Will the plans stick?

A few days ago, it was also learned that Techland is focused on Dying Light 2 Stay Human and other projects, rejecting an adaptation of the first Dying Light to PS5 and Xbox Series X | S, at least for now. Dying Light 2 will hit stores this coming December 7 for PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X| S and Xbox One, again challenging the player to test their nerves while walking through a world of zombies.

New for Dying Light 2 is expected at GamesCom. In addition to the Dying Light saga, Techland has worked on other IPs such as Call of Juarez.

Source: eXputer

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