It’s Crazy! Take a Look at the Titanic in the Original Mafia! [VIDEO]

A modder worked for 15 years to recreate the Titanic in the original Mafia, and you can already see what it looks like. This mod is just the tip of the iceberg and aims to add story missions about the ship.


This is the story of an almost infinite mod, with which a modder began to recreate the mythical Titanic in the first game of the Mafia saga, which was published in 2002. Four years later, in 2006, a modder started working to include the ship in an adventure where it fits in because of its setting. After a long development and fifteen years later, the first part of the process is available.

The mod aims to be “one of the most detailed and accurate free 3D recreations ever made. ” Players will be able to explore the whole place and its corners without any other objective. However, the goal in the future is to create some new story missions that unfold on the Titanic.

As we see in the Eurogamer medium, the mod is being made by Robin Bogaarts, a maritime engineer from the Netherlands who, as we say, has been working on the project for 15 years in his spare time and has now finished its first part. Although there are also elements of the ship that have not been completed, you can explore practically the entire place, both inside and outside, in great detail.

If you want to download the mod and try it out for yourself, we leave you the link to download it. Perhaps, this content has the answer as to whether Jack fit in the table or not. Remember that a remake of Mafia has recently been published, and we tell you everything in our analysis.

Source: Eurogamer

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