Cyberpunk 2077: fans outraged by new patch and puddles

Remember the Marvel Spider-Man controversy? Cyberpunk 2077 caused similar problems for players. This is a deep splash of patch…


Cyberpunk 2077 patch 1.3 is the latest update to CD Projekt‘s futuristic sandbox, fixing some of the problems and performance issues that have existed since the game’s release, and the Polish studio has announced other extras. What’s more, some players have already noticed other changes they are not happy with, and the dedicated forums are already full of complaints.

As we can see on the Kotaku portal, some users have noticed that there are fewer puddles than before and the ones we find are smaller. And also that the roads are less detailed in terms of reflections. In general, the world of Cyberpunk 2077 is “less watery” than before, and they would like to know why.



The content was released on the 18th; there have been many complaints, reports, and comparisons uploaded by players who wondered what was wrong with the roads, which seemed too flat and dry. The update added many changes to the game that were intended to “improve the quality of life in the game”, but it seems to have made things worse for some.

Of course, the report didn’t go into any detail about wet urban surfaces. And that’s where the criticism from players is most focused. The controversy, which CDPR has yet to comment on, reminds me of what happened with the promotional videos for Marvel’s Spider-Man.

Source: Kotaku


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