Marvel’s Wolverine – New Sony Exclusive Game Announced 

The PlayStation Showcase just ended, and a few big bombshells dropped, one of which was the announcement of Marvel’s Wolverine


Not much has been revealed about the game, as only a tiny fifty second trailer has been released, in which Wolverine sits in a smashed-up bar, drinking, and that’s pretty much it.

Unfortunately, there is no release date, no gameplay, and not even a CGI fight scene to hint at who could be a villain. We also do not know if this will include other Marvel heroes/villains or will it have original enemies, and we also do not know if this will be an origin story, or will it skip all that and just jump straight into the X-Men years.

The press release states that it will be an original story and will have unique gameplay, but the title is still in the early phases of development.

The development team is being led by Brian Horton (creative director), and Cameron Christian (game director), both of whom oversaw the creation of Marvel’s Miles Morales, an excellent game.

See the short trailer below:

Marvel’s Wolverine will be a PlayStation 5 Exclusive game, with a release date to be announced later down the line.


Source:  PlayStation Blog

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