No More Heroes 3 owes its existence to Joy-Cons

No More Heroes 3: if Nintendo weren’t creative, Travis would probably still be on holiday. The Nintendo Switch controllers inspired Suda51.


No More Heroes 3 is another Nintendo Switch-exclusive game that took advantage of the console’s capabilities. However, this game might not even exist, as the mastermind behind the project, Goichi Suda admitted that he didn’t decide to start development until he learned the controls for the platform. In other words, the Joy-Con is the reason No More Heroes 3 exists.


Suda51 Nintendo


“Nintendo introduced me to the Switch, and when I first saw that the Joy-Con could be detached from the console, I immediately thought, ‘okay, this will be perfect for No More Heroes,'” said Goichi Suda. “I was impressed with the motion sensors and the way the console worked,” he continued. “I thought these controllers would be particularly suited to bringing Travis back.”

If Nintendo had scrapped the Joy-Con idea and released a more traditional controller, No More Heroes 3 might never have realised. No More Heroes 3 is the latest instalment in Travis’ adventures. But it will probably be the last release.



Source: The Gamer

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