Sony Justifies the Permanent Connection for Gran Turismo 7

Polyphony explains why Gran Turismo 7, a game focused on the single-player campaign, needs to be connected to the network.


Every trailer for Gran Turismo 7 is being the delight of every lover of sports driving. A new instalment that promises to recover the essence of the first titles of the franchise without forgetting those details that were so loved about Gran Turismo Sport, resulting in a combination of unique gameplay with some nuances in online play. However, Polyphony surprised everyone with the latest Gran Turismo 7: you will need a constant internet connection. Now, after the general confusion, the developer has explained that, in this way, the next title of the franchise will avoid cheating in the save files.

That was clarified by Kazunori Yamauchi, CEO of Polyphony, in an interview with Eurogamer. While the internet connection does not seem important in individual modes, such as the single-player campaign, the GT Café, the vehicle editor or access to the car collection, it turns out to be vital to preventing players from altering their games. According to Yamauchi, regarding the need for connectivity in the GT Café, “the requirement for online connection is not specific to the Café. It is only to prevent cheating from people who try to modify the save files, so that is why for the online connection.”

On the other hand, Yamauchi emphasizes in the same answer some nuances of the GT Café, which will now have two updated functions. First, it will be the area in which the user can go to the next objective of the game, but it will also serve to collect the cars that have been collected, which in turn will give a bit of context and history of that vehicle model. However, and even though its functions focused on the player’s experience in individual mode, it is one of the modalities that are affected by that need to be connected to the internet.

In this way, Gran Turismo 7 follows in the wake of Gran Turismo Sport, a game much more focused on online gaming. Still, from Polyphony, they assure that, despite this detail, they will also revive part of the original essence of the saga. Gran Turismo 7 was one of the protagonists of the PlayStation Showcase September, where his arrival was confirmed to PS4 and PS5 on March 4, 2022. However, it seems that this instalment will not be the last of Gran Turismo since Yamauchi assured that he would continue working on more titles for the franchise.


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