DO NOT Remove the Screen Protector Film From the Nintendo Switch OLED Screen!

TECH NEWS – The redesigned hybrid, the Nintendo Switch OLED has arrived in stores, and it has a few unique features compared to the original model. The main things are the screen (protector), the support stand, and the HDMI connector.


Just three months after the launch of the Nintendo Switch OLED, the new version of the Nintendo Switch, which will be part of the Nintendo Switch family alongside the original model and the Nintendo Switch Lite, has been unveiled. Despite the improvements included in the new model, the disappointing launch audiences expected a different kind of announcement.

The OLED model of the Nintendo Switch is internally identical to the other versions, with no new CPU or more RAM, and the most important of the new features is the screen, which stands out with a 7-inch OLED panel. Unlike the original Nintendo Switch, this screen is made of glass and comes with a protective coating as standard.



This adhesive is almost unnoticeable, but The Verge was told about how important it is to prevent the glass from breaking into tiny, sharp shards that could cause damage. This adhesive film (“anti-scattering adhesive film”) contains the glass from scattering when broken and protects it from scratches. The OLED manual for the new Nintendo Switch includes a warning on this, where the manufacturer specifically emphasises that this adhesive film should not be peeled off.

However, Nintendo has confirmed that this protective film does not interfere with adding a new screen protector, which can be stuck on to this film without any problems. The other unique feature of the Nintendo Switch OLED is entirely positive: the inclusion of HDMI 2.0 in the new base.

Source: The Verge

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