Mexican YouTuber in the Mictlan Game

Mictlan, developed by Meta Studios, is scheduled for release sometime in 2024. Members of the community supporting the game will be able to become active participants in the production.


The Mictlan: An Ancient Mythical Tale is a game that aims to revive the mythology of Mesoamerican peoples to present a fantasy story set in 16th century Mexico. Although the Kickstarter campaign, expected in early 2021, has not yet been launched, fascinating information about the project has started to leak through the game’s official social media channels.

Over the months, Meta Studios Creative Agency – a Mexican team with an office in Tokyo – has shared a wealth of information about their game and footage of the project’s progress, including concept art and a lot of character models. They have announced collaborations with key figures such as Oscar-winner Carlos Cortés (The Sound of Metal, 2020), who was also cast in the project.



Meta Studios has also recruited prominent figures in the local gaming community, such as Mexican YouTuber Federico Díaz Acuña, better known as El Fedelobo, who recently shared his in-game character’s appearance in the game. According to a post on social media, the YouTuber will play the role of a hunter who dedicates his life to raising the calupoh, a Mesoamerican fantasy dog breed.



This is not the only way the Mictlán developers have integrated their community into the project. Last July, it was reported that the game’s director would be holding a gathering in the Mexican city of Xochimilco. It has been announced that a trip to the Mayan territory of southeastern Mexico and the Guatemalan jungle will be organised. As part of the studio’s ongoing technical testing, there was even a contest in which a fan could “become a posole”.

According to the Steam page, Mictlan: An Ancient Mythical Tale follows the story of a young Mayan boy, Ik, as he travels through the jungles and valleys of pre-Hispanic Mexico through the underworld. It was also previously announced that the game will be an open-world game with a map of around 30 square kilometres, spanning several biomes and integrating several Mesoamerican cities. While there is no official release date, the Steam page says Mictlan will debut sometime in 2024.

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