The Next Far Cry Will Reportedly Be More “Online-Oriented”

Ubisoft has reportedly set its sights on revamping the Far Cry franchise after Far Cry 6. Considering the fan reviews, this seems like a logical move.


Stephen Totilo of Axios said that sources had told him that Ubisoft is “looking at a more online-oriented approach for the sequel”. His sources confirmed what journalist Jason Schreier said on the Triple Click Podcast back in June – that Ubisoft is “trying to go in a radically different direction for Far Cry” after its recent launch. Given the track records of both journalists, there’s no reason to doubt this report.

Schreier previously leaked Assassin’s Creed Infinity, which should take the franchise in a completely new direction. A Bloomberg report in July forced Ubisoft to acknowledge the existence of Infinity, but the developer has not confirmed that Assassin’s Creed will now be an evolving online platform, as Schreier claimed.



Given Ubisoft’s direction, it makes sense that the company would lean towards an online-oriented approach for Far Cry 7. A Far Cry 6 teaser was thought to hint at a multiplayer game set in the series’ universe just a few days ago.

While this report may be a cause for concern for some, it’s worth noting that some recent entries in the Far Cry series have been criticised precisely because they supposedly brought nothing new to the table. This has been the most significant criticism of Far Cry 6, with many fans and critics saying nothing about how they feel this is more of the same game; rather, it remains the same as it was, just with better visuals and a different setting.

As soon as we have more information on the next Far Cry, we’ll post it.

Source: PSLS

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