What Platinum Trophy Is Andy Serkis Congratulating Us For? [VIDEO]

Sony has launched a bizarre marketing campaign with an unlisted YouTube video.


A video has surfaced on ResetEra in which an actor named Andy Serkis congratulates gamers for winning a Platinum trophy. And here’s where we begin fumbling in the dark because we wonder how Venom: Let There Be Carnage, the new Venom film, is related to all of this? That film even pops up for a few moments while Andy Serkis says: “Congratulations on earning your Platinum trophy, that’s quite an achievement. Well done.” You can watch the video below, by the way.

You could say that this video was definitely made for the Venom 2 game… but we’re not aware of any such game adaptation. Neither Sony nor Andy Serkis has officially mentioned this video, so, weirdly, it exists (and where it goes even more interesting is that it was uploaded to PlayStation’s official European channel…) Marvel’s Spider-Man 2? It’s going to feature Venom alongside Peter Parker and Miles Morales, and this “massive, darker” game, while in the works, won’t be released until 2023. So why has this short film been recorded so early and as a ‘by-product’ of a movie that may be irrelevant to the PlayStation 5 exclusive release of the game?

One possible theory is that Sony made the upload unlisted on purpose because they’re sending it out in an email to players who earn a Platinum in an internally developed, first-party game. From this, you could leap Marvel’s Spider-Man, or possibly Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, and since both games have been available for quite some time, it sounds logical. Sony has been sending emails for specific Platinum trophies since 2012… but there have been examples of people who have never played Horizon Zero Dawn and still received a congratulatory email from Sony.

One day we’ll find out what this 4D, four-dimensional game Sony is doing to us, but it’s hard to tie the new Venom movie in with it.

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