FIFA 22: EA banned more than 30 000 users for cheating

FIFA 22: many players used a glitch to abandon matches without consequences. EA is punishing cheating players with a seven-day ban.


FIFA 22 is one of Electronic Arts‘ most significant assets at the moment, so it is trying to ensure that the player experience is good, including maintaining the pace. Amid a battle with the international federation over whether they can continue to use the FIFA brand name, other multiplayer-related issues are being fixed.

EA Sports is still fighting cheaters in Ultimate Team mode. The problem is so severe that they have announced that more than 30,000 FIFA 22 accounts are being temporarily banned due to cheating. However, the ban will only last for seven days, although FUT Champions will be affected this week.



According to the description, these players exploited a flaw in the game that allowed them to leave matches without penalty. The problem has now been resolved, but they will not get away with it. The developers say they are doing this to promote positive gameplay (called FAIR PLAY and enforced in the real world of sport – ed).

Let’s not forget that EA’s new sports game is a real sales success worldwide. The company intends to develop its product further, although no changes are planned regarding monetisation and micropayments.

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